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George’s Anthurium Vase

George’s Anthurium Vase


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George’s Anthurium Vase is a beautiful accent plant for any room or occasion! Upon ordering, you or your recipient will receive one anthurium plant in either red, white, or pink, planted in a clear glass vase filled with soil and hydroponic medium. It is best to keep these in indirect light so they don't get sunburned! Being planted in a clear vase makes for an awesome conversation piece, as friends and family can enjoy not only watching the plant grow out of the top, but watch the roots wind through the bottom! Follow instructions on the care tag for additional details. We rate these plants a 2 on our care scale, fairly easy when you follow the instructions! The vase measures 9 inches tall, with the plant sticking out at least 5 inches from the top for a total minimum heights of about 14 inches.


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