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Myrtle Oasis

Myrtle Oasis


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Imagine a beautiful oasis of miniature myrtle trees right in the comfort of your home, or the home of a loved one! This brutalist concrete planter's hard edges are softened by glorious blue sea glass top dressing and thin myrtle trunks leading up to cloud-like topiary greenery. Great for any occasion! Care rating for these is a 4, meaning you will need a bit more experience than average to care for these plants. Myrtle CANNOT dry out completely or they will perish. Keeping an even moisture ratio (not dry, not sopping wet) is important and in bright, direct sunlight. During the summer months they will likely need watering daily. Do not water with hard water. A south-facing window is ideal! Container measures approximately 21" long by 6" wide, height of plants varies slightly.


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