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Lucky Jade

Lucky Jade


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Welcome home, Lucky Jade! Bright green leaves will feature red edged leaves in the warmer months, contrasting beautifully with either a white or robin's egg blue ceramic pot cover. Jade plants are succulents that are very easy to care for and have been said to bring good luck to both the giver and receiver of the gift. Perfect for housewarming! Bright, indirect light is great for them (like a south-facing window indoors). Water sparingly, removing from the cover pot to allow for drainage into a sink or drain pan. We rate the care level at a 2, not the easiest but okay for a mildly experienced plant owner. Pot cover color will vary between white or robin's egg. Allow us to choose for you, or you may make a request for either specific color in the special instructions or over the phone! Measures approximately 12 inches tall, great for a small table, desk, or as an accent in a larger space.


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