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Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern


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A beautiful and large staghorn fern in a hanging basket. Hanger is removeable! Staghorn ferns prefer partial shade or indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, which is too intense. On the other hand, staghorn ferns in too much shade tend to grow slowly and are more likely to develop problems with pests or disease. Feed staghorn ferns every month during spring and summer, then cut back to every other month when growth slows in fall and winter. Look for a balanced fertilizer with an NPK ratio such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20. Don’t water your staghorn fern until the fronds look slightly wilted and the potting medium feels dry to the touch. Otherwise, it’s easy to overwater, which can be deadly. Once a week is usually enough during warm weather, and much less when the weather is cool or damp. On a scale of 1-5 we rate these plants a 4, for more experienced plant keepers!


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