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We grow and propagate our own succulents on site in our greenhouse. These little plants are extremely hardy and will put up with a lot of neglect when you follow a few simple guidelines. Be sure you keep your succulents in bright light! These guys grow wild in desert climates, so bright, hot, and dry is ideal. They do not need water often, but once the soil is bone dry they need a good soaking. If your planter has drainage, soak the soil until water runs out of the bottom. No drainage, water more sparingly, as all the water you put into it will remain until it dries up again. Succulents are not meant to sit in water and are prone to root rot. Our planters without drainage are made with rocks in the bottom to deter root rot, but over-watering can still occur, so please be conscious of how much you put in. Under-watering is always better than over-watering. Dry, shriveled bottom leaves indicate it needs water more often. Yellow/bloated bottom leaves indicate over-watering. Finally, propagation! Succulents don't last forever, but they will keep multiplying for you and pass on their genes. Fallen or removed healthy leaves can be sat on moist soil somewhere warm and will grow roots and eventually a brand new succulent baby. They can also have their tops cut off and sat in the soil for quicker duplication! Water baby succulents a little more often in the beginning.
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